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Hamilton Wins Third Straight F1 Race at Chinese GP

Postado originalmente em TIME:

(SHANGHAI) — Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton captured his third straight Formula One race with ease on Sunday, leading from start to finish to win the Chinese Grand Prix.

Mercedes showed again that it’s in a different class from its rivals, with Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg taking second place — the third time in four races this season the pair have finished one-two.

“This is a team on a roll, that’s for sure,” Hamilton said. “I’m going to be working hard, we’re going to keep working hard because obviously the others are pushing to catch us.”

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso held off fast-charging Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo to finish third and give his team its first podium finish of the year, with new team principal Marco Mattiacci watching from the garage.

Ricciardo was fourth, finishing one place ahead of teammate Sebastian Vettel after the four-time defending world champion was asked by…

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Luciano do ValleLocutor esportivo Luciano do Valle morre aos 66 anos 

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How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups

Postado originalmente em PandoDaily:

mickey-and-the-beanstalk-giantThe following is excerpted with permission from The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups , by Trevor Owens and Obie Fernandez.

Enterprises are in Peril. 

The need for enterprises to innovate has never been more acute. Many established brands are on the ropes.

American Airlines was valued at just $5.5 billion at the time it merged with US Airways in 2013. Kodak, a name synonymous with photography for more than a century, retreated into bankruptcy in 2012, with its arch competitor Olympus close behind. Suzuki’s automotive division fled the United States the same year, and Volvo appears to be approaching the off ramp. Two cornerstones of the PC industry, HP and Dell (which sold itself for $24 billion in early 2013), are struggling to build a bridge to the post-PC future. BlackBerry’s worth has slid to a few billion since it tripped over the very smartphone market it…

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Here’s The First 95 Minutes Of Conception 2 For Nintendo 3DS

Postado originalmente em My Nintendo News:

Tilmen from Nintendomination has got his hands on a copy of dungeon crawling adventure Conception 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game see’s players take control of a student at a high school that doubles as a training facility for demon hunters. Conception 2 was released on April 15th in North America and May in Europe.

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Can ‘Soccer Golf’ Save Regular Golf?

Postado originalmente em TIME:

Golf advocates are desperately coming up with new tricks and gimmicks to combat dwindling engagement with the sport, including enlarging golf holes to the size of pizzas and introducing soccer balls to the game.

Golf has lost five million players in the last decade and 20 percent of the remaining 25 million golfers are likely to quit in the next few years, according to the National Golf Foundation. The major complaints include the difficulty of the game and the tiresome array of rules.

At golf courses around the country, however, new measures are being considered to keep young people interested, the New York Times reports.

Some new rules introduced allow a mulligan, or do-over at each hole, and increasing the size of the hole, like the 15-inch-hole event introduced at the Reynolds Plantation resort in Georgia. Another alternative is a kind of cross between soccer and golf, which includes kicking…

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Study: Climate Change to Blame For Worsening U.S. Wildfires

Postado originalmente em TIME:

Massive, destructive wildfires have increased over the past 3o years in the western United States due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, an new study shows, and could get worse over the coming decades.

The number of sizeable wildfires increased by a rate of seven fires a year 1984 to 2011, according to the study published this week in Geophysical Research Letters. The total area damaged by fire increased at a rate of nearly 90,000 acres per year.

Scientists only included fires of greater than 1,000 acres in their data set in 17 Western states, using satellite data that has only been available since 1984, USA Today reports.

Man-made climate change was very likely a factor, the study’s authors said. “We looked at the probability that increases of this magnitude could be random, and in each case it was less than 1%,” said Philip Dennison, a geographer at the…

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