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JOYRIDE Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Postado originalmente em The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

I love it when Shota Mori sends me photos. Whenever he sends me something, it is pretty much always good. It doesn’t matter what he’s covering, where he’s at, or what’s he’s doing because it is almost always car-related. When you combine all things car-related with Japanese culture, you just can’t go wrong. There are times when I don’t even know an event is going on over in Japan and he is already there covering it. I don’t even have to ask and he automatically sends me the photos that he takes. It’s a wonderful relationship, haha. Today, we’re going to look at some photos from a mini-truck cruise of all things. While it may not sound exactly appealing to many of you, bear in mind that a lot of other Japanese car enthusiasts participated in this event. The great thing about Japanese car culture is that you’ll often see…

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Here’s The Best-Selling Games For The Nordic Market In 2013

Postado originalmente em My Nintendo News:

We’ve finally got overall sales data for the Nordic market during 2013. The data is based on a tailored report by the American market intelligence company SuperData Research, this digital outlook together with physical sales reported by Gfk presents a more complete picture of the Nordic market. This picture totals nearly one billion euro, far more than any previous figure reported in Nordic Game Sales . Here’s the best-selling games in 2013.

1. GTA V
2. FIFA 14
3. BF4
4. CoD: Ghost
5. Assassin’s Creed IV
6. The Last of Us
7. NHL 14
8. Skylanders: SF
9. FIFA 13
10. CoD: BO2
11. Disney Infinity
12. Far Cry 3
13. Skylanders: Giants
14. Simcity
15. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
16. Just Dance 2014
17. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
18. The Sims 3: Island Paradise
19. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
20. Assassin’s Creed III

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Interview: The BlackBerry 10 Challenge with Christopher Dewdney, Financial Planner

Postado originalmente em Inside BlackBerry:

Below is part of an ongoing feature series on Inside BlackBerry – Donny H.

Chris Dewdney, Toronto, BlackBerry, BlackBerry Z30

We started this project just over a month ago with a few goals in mind. First, I wanted to disrupt the work environment of those interested. I also wanted to introduce a few people to the powerhouse that is BlackBerry 10 ahead of the BlackBerry Classic (formerly BlackBerry Q20) launch later this year. Finally I wanted to discover what it takes a professional to power through their busy workday. The results so far have been outstanding. As you’ll discover throughout the series, our subjects, have really enjoyed their new phones. This takes us to todays interview with well-known Toronto-based financial planner and social photographer extraordinaire, Christopher Dewdney. When Christopher is helping his clients achieve their long-term financial goals, or he’s posting inspiring/uplifting quotes on his social feeds, he now uses a BlackBerry Z30 to be…

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Ellen Page Is Renaming Everyone’s Dogs On Twitter, Including Lena Dunham’s

Postado originalmente em TIME:

Yesterday, actress Ellen Page made a pretty nonchalant confession on Twitter:

Then everyone got really excited about this, and began asking the X-Men: Days of Future Past actress to grant their pups new monikers. She swiftly began to reply, doling out some truly perfect new dog names:

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Paralyzed Woman Goes Surfing Thanks To Duct Tape

Postado originalmente em TIME:

They say duct tape can do anything. One man tested that theory by duct taping a paralyzed woman to his back and going surfing. It worked, too.

Pascale Honore was paralyzed in a car accident, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming of surfing, especially as she watched her sons learn the sport in the oceans of Australia.

“I’ve always been active, so I had to be active in a different way,” Honore, 51, told “S— happens and you get on with it. After rehab, I started to look at what I’ve got, [rather than] what I haven’t got.”

Tyron Swan, a now 24-year old friend of her sons and a professional diver, thought he could help.

Swan and Honore hit the beach with a roll of duct tape and an idea. Using a backpack and a roll of the strong tape, Swan was able to rig a harness…

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In the rush to hype AI, it’s easy to forget about web search

Postado originalmente em Gigaom:

With all the money being spent on, and all the futuristic talk about  about big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and all things in between, it’s easy to forget that Microsoft and Google — two of the companies leading research in these technologies — still have large businesses in web search. So as cool and potentially life-altering as AI might be in fields such as medicine, we’ll probably continue to see the signs of things to come in search engines first.

It’s big business and a great testing ground.

Take, for example, Microsoft Bing’s new predictions feature that tries to predict the outcomes of popular fan-voting show such as The Voice, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Bing does this by analyzing a number of signals, including searches, Twitter and Facebook data, and, presumably the outcomes of previous episodes. (Hat tip to Search Engine Land for spotting this Bing blog post, as well as…

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Ericsson CEO: We have to play the waiting game before taking the next big step in 4G networking

Postado originalmente em Gigaom:

We’ve been starting to hear more about an LTE-Advanced technology called carrier aggregation lately, as mobile operators in South Korea, Australia and the U.S. start rolling out new supercharged networks capable of doubling download speeds to the device. But with an exception or two , carriers are making very little noise about these new capabilities.

I recently reported that AT&T(s t) already has carrier aggregation up and running in Chicago and other cities, capable of boosting its speeds by 50 to 100 percent. But AT&T has publicly made little fuss about it, and it’s only revealed a single device — a 4G hotspot — that can tap the network. We’re starting to take the first steps into LTE-Advanced networking, but the normally self-promoting mobile industry is staying mum. What gives?

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg

The explanation, according to Ericsson(s eric) CEO Hans Vestberg: We’re in a nebulous transition period in…

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